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Diego Guelhermino Instructional Series:


Instructor Bio:

Diego is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor who was born in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro. He started practicing Jiu Jitsu in 2007 and has won over 70 medals at state, national, and international levels. Diego specializes in the half-guard position and is known for his arm locks. He is also involved in social causes and promotes Jiu Jitsu special classes to collect food for poor communities and charities.

Competitive Accomplishments:



  • First Jiu-Jitsu Practice


  • Second place Brazilian Beginner`s Championship

  • Awarded to blue belt


  • State Champion FJJ-Rio


  • Awarded to purple belt

  • State Ranking Champion FJJ-Rio


  • Third place South American IBJJF

  • 2x State Champion FJJ-Rio


  • Second place State No-Gi FJJ-Rio

  • Second place Rio International Open IBJJF


  • Awarded to brown Belt

  • 2x State Ranking Champion FJJ-Rio

  • Third place Rio International Open IBJJF

  • Start as instructor on Gracie Petrópolis


  • Awarded to black belt

  • State Ranking Champion FJJ-Rio

  • Second place Florida Open IBJJF


  • 3x State Ranking Champion FJJ-Rio

  • Start as Instructor in Abu Dhabi School Jiu-jitsu program


  • Open weight champion on Pan-American SJJSAF


  • Third place State FJJ-Rio

  • 4x State Ranking Champion FJJ-Rio


  • Second place Rio International Open No-Gi IBJJF


  • First Place No-Gi Newbreed Charlotte Open

  • First Place Black Belt Charlotte Open

  • Second Place Charlotte International Open IBJJF – Medium Heavy Class


  • Tap Out Cancer Benefit Tournament- WIN

  • Awarded 2nd Degree Black Belt from Master Pedro Sauer 10/10/2020


  • Second Place Charleston International Heavy Class IBJJF

  • First Place New Orleans International Open No-Gi Open Class IBJJF

  • First Place New Orleans International Open Heavy Class IBJJF

  • Third Place Absolute Division New Orleans International Open Class IBJJF

Course Synopsis:

Half guard, often underestimated, is a powerful position that offers a myriad of offensive opportunities. In this video, Diego Gulehermino shows the secrets behind half guard sweeps, demonstrating their effectiveness and versatility in grappling scenarios.

In addition, to the strategic advantages of half guard sweeps as we break down the mechanics and tactics essential to executing them flawlessly. From creating angles to leveraging your opponent's weight distribution, each technique is meticulously explained and demonstrated, ensuring clear understanding and easy implementation.

Gain a deeper understanding of the half guard position itself and explore its unique ability to neutralize an opponent's attacks while simultaneously setting the stage for your offensive maneuvers. Whether you're a seasoned grappler or a novice looking to enhance your ground game, implementing half guard sweeps will undoubtedly elevate your grappling skills to new heights.

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