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Jack Reynolds Knee Reap Series:

Instructor Bio:

Jack Reynolds is a jiu jitsu competitor training out of Team Mannon in Blacksburg, Virginia. He has competed in over 100 grappling matches (>80% submission rate) under multiple rulesets, including ADCC/IBJJF scoring systems, as well as tag-team jiu jitsu. He has notable wins through organizations such as Fight2Win, Toro Cup, World Series of Jiu Jitsu, and ADCC Trials.

Course Synopsis:

This short instructional covers the fundamental concepts of applying the knee reap. Specifically, it outlines the proper steps to enter into the knee reap from seated, standing, and pinned positions. A systematic approach is taken to apply breaking mechanics to the reaping heel hook, and multiple situations are discussed in which the opponent tries to escape using the most common maneuver — the four point stance. Proper mechanics of escaping the reap are also discussed in detail.

Course Outline:

Part 1: Entering the reap

Part 2: Finishing the outside heel hook from the reap

Part 3: Rolling through for the outside heel hook

Part 4: Unorthodox submissions from the reap

Part 5: Escaping the reaping heel hook

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