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Logan Macdonald Instructional Series:

Instructor Bio:

My name is Logan MacDonald, I am from Winnipeg, Canada. I have been doing bjj for 13 years and I am a purple belt under Matt MacDonald.


I started competing when I was 7 years old and throughout my career so far I've been able to win gold medals at IBJJF, AJP and many other tournaments.


My Accomplishments:

- Double Gold at 2023 IBJJF TORONTO

- 1st and 2nd at 2022 IBJJF No-Gi WORLDS

- 3rd at 2022 IBJJF WORLDS

- 3rd at 2022 IBJJF PANS

- 1st at 2020 IBJJF PAN KIDS


- Double Bronze at 2023 IBJJF ORLANDO OPEN


I started Jiu Jitsu when I was 4 years old and fell in love with it ever since. Throughout the years I've been traveling all over North America competing whenever I can as well as helping my dad with his academy Balance Jiu Jitsu in Winnipeg.


Course Outline:

Part 1: Engagement phase

Part 2: Details of knee slide pass

Part 3: First option for beating knee shield 

Part 4: Second option for beating knee shield

Part 5: Combining the x pass

Part 1:

Engagement phase: Here I talk about approaching your opponent and some of the things you’re going to face like beating butterfly and de la riva hooks to enter into your knee slide pass.


Part 2:

Details of the knee slide pass: In the second part I go deep into the details of entering and finishing your knee slide pass and some different options of finishing the pass.


Part 3:

First option for beating the knee shield: In this video I talk about your opponent being able to insert their knee shield and I give you an option for beating it and completing your knee slide.


Part 4: 

Second option for beating the knee shield: In the fourth part I talk about countering your opponent's knee shield with a leg weave pass and working yourself into a position to take the back off of the pass.


Part 5:

Combining the X pass: In the final part I talk about the situation where maybe your opponent is a good guard player and it’s going to be very hard to finish your knee slide to back out and combo it with a X pass. This is one of the pass combos i've used many times in competition and have found great success with it.

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