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Dominick Gallucio Instructional

Instructor Bio:

Professor Dominick Gallucio is a Black Belt in the Machado Lineage under Professor Sean Stewart. Having won the Welterweight "F2W Pro," title belt as a brown belt, he was quickly promoted to black in Denver, CO at "Colorado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Satori."

Known for his unique game, that was developed over 14 years, he's now sought after for seminars and workshops across the country. His signature, unique framing system, known as "The Pipecleaner," and his creative submissions, "The Omacana" and "The Swimming Armbar," have earned him the nickname of "The Joker," amongst his opponents, teammates and peers. Thus, "Joker Jiu-Jitsu," was born.

Course Synopsis:

In this instructional series, I will go over some of my signature Jiu-Jitsu techniques that have earned me the nickname "Joker." Most notably, the "Pipecleaner," and "Omacana."

In the first part of the course, we will go over a Pipecleaner Spine Crank. Followed by a Shoulder Lock Sweep from Knee-Shield, Pipecleaner Shoulder Lock, and the Omacana.

Lastly, I will then demonstrate a shoulder lock from Side-Control.

As you can see, much of this course focuses on Shoulder Locks and my unique framing system, the "Pipecleaner."

If you are a Shoulder lock player or someone just looking to add to your toolbox, then this instructional is for you!

Why wait? Learn "Joker Jitsu," from the "Joker," himself!


Course Outline:

Section 1: Pipecleaner Spine Crank

Section 2: Shoulder Lock sweep from Knee-Shield

Section 3: Pipecleaner Shoulder Lock

Section 4: Omacana

Section 5: Shoulder Lock from Side Control

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