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Andy Van Hook Long Limb Leverage:

Andy Van Hook Bio/ Course Synopsis:


Long Limb Leverage 

Andy Van Hook is a Black Belt under Jeff Messina and trains at BJJ Revolution Team in Houston, Texas. Andy began his BJJ journey as a senior in High School in 2007. He has traveled all over the state of Texas, the U.S. and Brazil competing. Andy holds a Pro Grappling record of 4-2 competing in various promotions. In 2022, he won IBJJF Pans in Gi and NoGi at the Masters 1, Brown Belt division. Andy recently went 2-2 in the ADCC Dallas open competing in the -100kg division. Andy started seeing success in competition when he stopped focusing on fancy/flashy techniques and started using his size to his advantage on the mats. He believes people can have success in Jiu Jitsu when they adapt their body type to their game.

Course Synopsis: 

Welcome to my instruction series called “Long Limb Leverage.” In this instructional series, I will show you detailed techniques that have helped me as a long and tall individual succeed! In Jiu Jitsu, athletes are always trying to do the latest “hip and flashy” move they saw on YouTube or Instagram. I would know this because I used to be one of those people. Unfortunately, those awesome and crowd-pleasing moves didn’t lead to success for me in tournaments or in training. Then, one day my Professor Alex Ceconi pointed out how I had a great body and frame for Jiu Jitsu and I should use it to my advantage. That is when I started prioritizing techniques that complemented my length. Once I started using my height and length to my advantage, I started seeing major success. Thanks to my new strategy I was able to win IBJJF Pans in Gi and No Gi. My goal in this instruction series is to help long and tall athletes use their unique body frame to their advantage. I want to show them how to cut out “useless fat” in many common techniques to pass multiple guards. I will also show some highly effective submissions that are great for tall people. If God gifted you with a long body, USE IT!

Course Outline:

Section 1: Effective Use of the Collar Sleeve Grip

Section 2: Knife-Slice Open Guard Pass

Section 3: Super quick way to Break Closed Guard

Section 4: Kimura Trap Reverse Triangle Double Whammy

Section 5: Flying Squirrel Butterfly Guard Pass


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