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Howard Sweeney Instructional

Howard Sweeney Bio/ Course Synopsis

Howard W. Sweeney, III is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Givanildo “Giva” Santana and Andrew Gardineer. Having had previous training in Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai, he began his grappling journey in 2011 and has been actively competing since white belt. He has competed and placed in local, state and international tournaments and is always looking to hone his skills. 

In 2020 he retired from the Detroit Police Department as a Police Corporal. In 2014 as a blue belt he was asked to transfer from a US Marshal task force to the police academy to teach with a focus on subject control. His last six years with the department were spent teaching the State of Michigan Law Enforcement curriculum to hundreds of student police officers. During his tenure at the Professional Education and Training section he specialized in control tactics, use of force and physical fitness training for the 1800+ member department ensuring that each student or sworn member was properly equipped to deal with the always evolving law enforcement environment. He also obtained 800+ hours of specialized training certifications, including Coopers Institute Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist Certification, Yoga for First Responders instructor certificate and Detroit Yoga Lab 200 RYT.

After retiring, he left Michigan as a Caique Jiu Jitsu brown belt and relocated to Arizona. He has been a member of a De Boa Jiu Jitsu Academy in Surprise, AZ since 2020 and was promoted to black belt by Giva Santana and Andrew Gardineer January 2023. Currently he is a Security Manager for one of the largest healthcare systems in Arizona. If he is not teaching or training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you will find him teaching and practicing Yoga.


The Kimura Series  


Video 1 - Kimura from side control 
Attacking the Kimura from top side control, controlling the position. Finishing the Kimura from top side control. Finishing the Kimura when your opponent is able to bridge, stepping over head (technical mount) to finish. Importance of controlling head position.


Video 2 - Forward roll to belly down Kimura
Attacking the Kimura when a person is attempting to create a Frame with their free hand. Forward rolling into Kimura control, belly down finish. Importance of maintaining proper grips.


Video 3 - Kimura to Back Control/Rear Triangle
Kimura grip forward roll to back control. Back control to Rear Triangle. Other options discussed - Armbar and Americana lock. Breaking opponents to finish Armbar or Americana. 


Video 4 - Kimura to Armbar 
Kimura forward roll to Armbar (opponent attempts to face you). Importance of keeping the Kimura control and elbow centered.


Video 5 - Kimura to Rear Triangle 
Kimura forward roll to Rear Triangle (opponent attempts to turn away from you). Using the Scarf Hold option with the Kimura control. Arm in Collar Choke option, Armbar and Americana


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