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Brian Stuebner RDLR Series:

Instructor Bio:

My name is Brian Stuebner and I am the owner and head instructor at Springfield BJJ in Springfield, MO. I am a black belt under Professor Caio Terra. I started training Jiujitsu with roots in MMA and No-Gi Jiujitsu, over the years that has grown to a focus solely on Gi and No-Gi Jiujitsu both as a competitor and a coach. I am proud of what I have accomplished as a competitor, what truly makes me happy now is seeing the success of my students and athletes as the progress in the sport of Jiujitsu. 




In this series, we will dive into the basics of the Reverse DeLa Riva guard (RDLR). I like to use the RDLR to slow down and counter the knee cut, it is my favorite solution for when facing a strong knee cut pass. This series will focus on different options and variations for offense based around common reactions in the RDLR position. Enjoy!

Course Outline:

Part 1: RDLR with Lapel

Part 2: RDLR Spider Hook Sweep

Part 3: RDLR Backtake

Part 4: RDLR Bicep Slice

Part 5: RDLR Lasso

Brian Stuebner RDLR Series.png
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