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Quin Puryear Instructional Series:

Instructor Bio:

  • 10th planet brown belt under Jon “Thor” Blank

  • Instructor at 10th planet Bethlehem and 10th planet Allentown

  • Multiple time feature on Rubberguard Assassins

  • Over 5 years of experience teaching jiu jitsu

  • Over 10 years of experience training and competing in grappling


Course Outline:

Segment 1: Intro, basic Rubberguard setup, names of positions, safety tips

Segment 2: Using the Rubberguard to setup triangles

Segment 3: Using the Rubberguard to setup omaplatas

Segment 4: Gogoplata and Gogo-clinch submissions and variations

Segment 5: playing the New Jersey position including sweeps and attacks from full mount

Segment 6: common problems and contingency plans for dealing with them

Quin Puryear Rubberguard.png
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