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Khalil Contreras Instructional Series:

Instructor Bio:

I am known as Khalil or "K". I am simply an artist who has found another canvas in which to express his individuality. Doing it, in and of itself, is the reward. 10th Planet El Paso is Home base. FlakeyBros is the squad. We live and die by the sword.


Course Outline:

Part 1: Buggy Clinch

Part 2: Buggy Sweep

Part 3: Buggy Choke

Part 4: D'arce from Buggy Clinch/Choke

Part 5: Bonus: D'arce from Buggy Sweep

Course Synopsis:

Buggy Fever focuses on pre Buggy and post Buggy scenarios as well as the Buggy choke itself. In the pre Buggy scenarios there's the Buggy clinch and the Buggy sweep.The Bonus is an easy money sub that can be chained together after the Buggy sweep. The Buggy choke submission is covered with key details. The post Buggy scenario is a D'arce from either the Buggy clinch or the Buggy choke. 

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