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Chris Martinez Instructional Series:

Instructor Bio:

As a kid, Chris started off with karate but shortly after he picked up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. He trained for about 4 years as a kid but took a break to compete in high school sports and collegiate sports (water polo). He started Jiu Jitsu again in the summer of 2019. In 2020 Chris moved back from college to the OC and he started to compete and train very regularly.


Chris is currently an active competitor locally and around the US. He trains primarily at 10th Planet Costa Mesa and 10th Planet Irvine. Chris’ goal outside of competition is to be able to help others and to share the love for the martial art with them.

Course Outline:

Part 1:Taking the Back from Passing 

Part 2:Taking the Back From Top Position

Part 3:Taking the Back from Bottom Position

Part 4:Attacking the Turtle Position

Part 5:Attacks from the Back Position

Course Synopsis:

Part 1: In this video, I will cover berimbolos and expose the back from passing. We go over berimbolos from headquarter to chase the back and foot stomp passing to expose the back.



Part 2: In this video, I go over different ways to chase the back from top position such as from side control and from mount. We will be going over using the truck to take the back and forcing our opponent to roll over for us and expose the back from mount while retaining top position. 



Part 3: In this video I will cover taking the back from bottom position which allows the bottom player to gain a dominant position regardless of starting on the bottom or in a bad position. We will be going over back takes from bottom side control and from de la riva. 



Part 4: In this video since I have been going over back takes from all positions, we will be going over attacking the turtle position since this will happen when chasing the back. We will be going over the power of the power half and how to break the base of the opponent in order to chair sit to the back.



Part 5: After all the videos of chasing the back to bring everything together I will be covering how to attack from the back and how to hand fight. The finishes we will be going over are a rear naked choke, arm bar, and triangle from the back. 

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