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Wilson Sojo Instructional Series:

Instructor Bio:

Wilson Sojo is a BJJ Purple Belt from Aurora, Colorado currently training at Logos BJJ. He is an active competitor and the current 155 lbs. Purple Belt Champion. In addition, to being current champion, in the past, his competitive achievements also include:

  • 2022 2nd Place Absolute World Champion

  • 2021 Blue Belt National Champion


In this Half-Guard Knee-Shield Series, we look at attacking and defending the Half-Guard Knee-Shield in the most optimal and efficient way.

This is done by looking at defensive movements, and looking at multiple high-percentage offensive maneuvers from the Knee-Shield. 

What's even more great about this instructional series is that each technique intertwines with the other.

In short, throughout this instructional, we will be looking at:

  • Grip fighting/knee placement

  • The fishing pole sweep

  • X-Guard and more

Wilson Sojo Knee-Shield Series Thumbnail.png


This course offers a lot. It not only shows you the Knee-Shield, but also defensive movements you can use to ensure people do not get out of your Knee-Shield.

In addition, you are also shown several offensive maneuvers from this position. In addition, to the fishing pole sweep, X Guard, and "Wrestling Up," techniques.

All of which are shown step-by-step and broken-down in detail. Purchasing this course will give you all the tools you need to lead a solid and effective Knee-Shield System.

Hit "Buy Now," or else you'll be missing out!

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