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Joe Decourtin Knee-Shield Series:

Instructor Bio:

My name is Joe DeCourtin, I’m a brown belt instructor and competitor from Hertfordshire England. I have been training for around 12 years. In this time I have acquired a fair bit of knowledge and experience. Ever since white belt my go to guard was half even before I knew anything. Over the years I have progressed this and these are some of my favourite techniques from that position.

Course Synopsis:

This instructional  is titled:

 “Knee shield half guard” 

In this instructional you will learn how to use bottom half guard as an attacking guard to not only sweep/come on top but also how to get to the back and simultaneously attack both the upper/lower body. Whether you’re new to half guard or it’s your game I’m sure there’s something in here you will find useful. 


Course Outline: 

Chapter 1: Intro/retention and getting the knee shield back.

Chapter 2: Dog fight 

Chapter 3: Arm drag

Chapter 4: Choi bar

Chapter 5: Single leg x

Chapter 6: Knee reap 

Chapter 7: Outro

Joe Decourtin Knee-Shield Series Thumbnail.png
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