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Miguel Ares Leglock Series

Instructor Bio:

My name is Miguel Ares. I am an active competitor out of Gracie Barra Kapolei Jiu-Jitsu Academy with teammates Prof. Bilal Ahmed, Prof. Elias Ramirez, and Prof. Lejos Far respectively.


Leglocks come with a high-rate of success in competition and despite what most people think, are no more dangerous than any other submission. They are often referred to as the "Great Equalizer," as they are not limited to any specific body type and work on pretty much anyone.


Moreover, being able to attack the legs is just a good skill to have, as it adds another layer to your offense. Why would anyone want to only use 50% of the body? Not to mention, they can also be used in tandem with other techniques and open opportunities to take the back.


Learn the Art of Leglocks Today!

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In this Leglock Series, Ares demonstrates Heel Hooks done from the standing position. Then, dives into transitional attacks to do if your opponent defends the Heel Hook such as the Calf Slicer. Lastly, are back taking possibilities, which are discussed as a transition from the Calf Slicer.

The main idea presented in this series is the importance of dominating the exchange from start to finish. In order to successfully win a match, it is critical to remain offensive at all times. Doing so, prevents your opponent from being able to attack and also increases the likelihood of winning a match.


This course offers step-by-step instruction on Heel Hooks in a way that is simple, easy to understand and highlights all major & theoretical concepts related to Heel Hooks.

It also addresses what to do when people try to defend the Heel Hook. In addition, to demonstrating back taking possibilities as a transition from the Calf Slicer.

This is a must-have instructional for those looking to add leg entanglements to their overall Jiu-Jitsu Strategy. What's more? Is Leglocks are extremely high-percentage, safe and open the door for opportunities to attack the back.

It'd almost be dumb to not invest in this course. Especially, considering it is more affordable than other Leglock Series on the market, and all of the techniques presented are shown by fighters with a high-rate of competition success with these techniques.

So, what's holding you back?

Click "Buy Now," to get entangled!

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